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Preserving history while moving into modernity isn’t easy. But for Ed, it’s just another day. See how he’s helping homeowners across the Northeast marry the best of the new and old.

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“Thoughts on how I ended up an older-home contractor specialist”

 by Ed Freedlender

Construction Lead and Host of Ed’s Historical Homes

My Dad: Alan Freedlender

Alan Freedlender was a musician, an artist, a salesman, an entrepreneur, and a “South Shore Homeowner Handyman Specialist”. When I look back at things, I realize that out of my father’s base of our basement stairs workshop, my father ran his personal “home” improvement company. Along with most of our neighbors, he maintained his lawnmower and snowblower and trained me on the maintenance and usage of both.  Up on the pegboard were all the tools and supplies needed for glazing windows, painting the house every 5 years, and covering the majority of the maintenance needs his newly bought 1962 Simoni split level needed.  Funny, I never thought of him as overly handy.  I guess that is how I have always considered myself but with trying, I have learned a few tricks working on my own homes over the last 30 plus years of ownership.  Hope to pass along some of these tips in future episodes.

My Mentor and Trainer: James Foley

James Foley was also a musician and an artist as well as a World War II veteran, frame-to-finish carpenter, tannery worker, textile manufacture worker and manager, President of an international Japanese manufacturing company, and consultant and trainer to countless people he was open to teaching.  Jim’s only preface in teaching all of us in our first company in Norwood was to not hoard the knowledge and to pass it on to other young guys coming into the trade.  From our original company of employees under Jim’s tutelage came at least six building and remodeling companies including Sudbury Kitchens and Baths. 

Jim taught me a love for remodeling and contracting that I have enjoyed for nearly 40 years and has allowed us to make a living and support our family over the years. Working with older homes, matching original details, and making additions to homes seamlessly was what Jim instilled in all of us.  Clients telling us how much a renovation or addition impacted their family’s lives at home and their appreciation of our efforts is what continues to drive us to create new and improved home spaces for our future clients.  Hope these and future videos inspire improvements and additions to our valued older housing.